2 Hours Record Session

The Logic Digital Marketing Methodology

2 Hour Recorded Private Zoom Meeting - Introduction to the Logic Methodology


This is a 2 to 3 hour recorded private Zoom meeting session where we will take you through the methodology on your own website.
Businesses find this useful so they don't miss opportunities and enables them to ask questions and share the video with other team members. They can then decide if they understand and want to implement the methodology, some decide to implement themselves using the keyword strategy tool others want the mentoring service some just want us to implement start to finish.

Business owners need to understand what exactly they are employing people to do for them, this methodology has been tried and tested on over 50 websites from one man accountancy firms to HP and Microsoft Platinum partners to global retailers.


Personalised Website Audit and Marketing Recommendations Video


Receive a personalised website audit video (and series of website audit and competitor reports) that also features important recommendations for applying the Logic Digital Marketing Methodology to your own website. £179.00