Questions – Keyword Strategy Tool


  • How do I get started using the keyword strategy tool?

On signup you will be provided with a video showing you the different elements of the tool and a general overview of how we are going to help develop your online Digital Strategy.

  • One strategy fits all?

No, your business is unique therefore based on our experience we will need to provide guidance as to what will and will not work for your business.

  • What do you mean real data?

The data is from actual data that people have actually typed into the search engines. 15% of all new keywords entered into the search engines each day are new terms or phrases that have never been searched before, that’s 825,000 new search terms per day.

  • How do you know the methodology will work for our business?

We have deployed similar strategies in small businesses (1 to 10 employees) and large businesses (up to 10,000 employees) in a number of different sectors. In every case we have seen improvements within 4 months of deploying the strategy and not had a single failure. (last updated: December 2018)

  • What results can we expect?

It’s difficult to answer as every business is different and we rarely get insights into the actual conversion rates. We have got one ex-employee who was happy to share the data with us. John: We saw traffic to the site go up by approximately 20% but the exciting thing was the conversion rates which went up by almost 500%. We have also had businesses that have called to say for the first time they are actually receiving leads that have converted and have more than doubled their investment.

  • Can you deploy the strategy and methodology for us?

Yes, our daily rate for this service is £550 + VAT per day, you will not get direct access to the tool and the standard is between 5 to 11 days over a 4-month period for a standard web site. An online retailer will of course take much longer and the standard for this is initially 2 days per week on-going at a negotiable day rate + VAT.

  • How long will it take to start seeing results?

Strategies take time to develop and implement therefore we would suggest a 12-month initial term to be reasonable but we would expect to see green shots approximately 4 months after deploying the strategy.

  • How much will the Keyword Strategy Tool and methodology cost?

 The Keyword strategy tool and methodology will cost £45 + VAT per month. (12 month contract)

  • Do you have a business solution where we can be guided through the process?

 Yes, Digital Marketing Solution for small businesses designed to be flexible for business where you actually do all the work, we will provide the strategy and assist with keywords research and AdWords setup. Please note this solution doesn’t allow access to the Keyword Strategy Tool.

  • What type of businesses use the keyword strategy tool?

We have customers that range from funded start-ups, accountants to flower shops, global events companies to Microsoft and HP Platinum Partners to global retailers that turnover £50M Plus.

  • In which countries do you operate?

Primarily we operate in the UK, but we also have customer from Europe, Hong Kong and the USA.

  • Can you provide a case study?

 Clearly, we cannot mention names but here is an example of a well-known branded clothing retailer and a brief outline of what was going wrong and how we fixed the issues.

The Problem – Like many large businesses all the work was outsourced to digital agencies. The problem was that the company had lost control of these agencies and failed to employ knowledgeable in-house staff to ensure tasks we completed to a high standard. With no guidance the agencies were happy to just take the money and junior agency staff were given the account manager position with next to no knowledge, in this case looking after thousands of pounds worth of paid advertising budget.

The Solution – We employed in-house staff, removed the agencies, we provided a digital strategy, training and guidance with a view that over time the tasks would be completed in-house, eventually we would take a back seat on a retainer basis to ensure the strategy remains consistent. Once we had control the paid advertising was also brought in-house. We also provided strategy videos for each department to ensure everyone in the business was pushing in the right direction.

This is an example of a hybrid model where we carried the work out for them whilst training their staff, we now oversee (retainer) and they use the Keyword Strategy Tool on-going.

  • How will the strategy be made up?
  1. Optimisation work
  2. Primary keywords
  3. Cost effective paid advertising campaign
  4. Internal content strategy
  5. External content strategy
  • Why are we so successful at what we do?

We live in a data driven world – If you go to a digital agency in many cases they will expect the business to have a strategy which they will help deploy. The reason we are successful is we deliver a digital strategy based on actual data, no one can argue with actual data is it what it is, we can’t make it up. It’s a logical process that works.